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TV Interview on “Insight” with  Ethel Lovel on Long Beach Access Cable TV, 8/20/08

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CEO Valeri Bocage Speaks to Indian Business Women at Google HQ

Since the inception of PWI, Valeri has been busy building communities and assisting women globally in having their dreams come to life. She was invited to speak at a corporate seminar, “Brand YOU – Identities that Make Statements” organized by NetIP, The Network of Indian professionals, held at Google headquarters in Mountainview, California on May 19, 2011.

The seminar focused on powerful business women leaders who have made a mark/brand in the industry for themselves and provide a message to the world that women have the power to make it happen. Valeri’s presence made a difference in the lives of hundreds of people especially Indian women who have faced cultural differences and face gender differences in their own families. She encouraged them to pursue their dreams and made them believe in themselves. According to NetIP, “it is very important today to bring out this message in our Indian community that one can reach where they want to be even though there are roadblocks and struggle, especially for women.”


ABC7 News “Bay Area Celebrates International Women’s Day,”
Valeri Bocage was interviewed by CBS Radio on March 8, 2011 for International Women’s Day.  Subsequently, twenty-one local CBS radio affiliates ran the interview in their own broadcasts.Valeri Bocage made front page news of the Kenya paper, The Standard.“PWI Creates First Ever Kenyan Empowerment Event,” Landmark News, July 1, 2008Diplaced by Katrina, new event entrepreneur turns lemons into lemonade  BlogHer, January 26, 2007Valeri Bocage a Landmark Graduate who Lost Everything in Hurricane Katrina Sets Out to Empower Women   Landmark News, June 15, 2007

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