PWIC Global Impact Projects

PWI Global Impact works to strengthen and expand causes, projects and organizations to make a bigger impact and positive difference in society.

Our women leaders are making positive differences in areas of life such as building confidence and leadership in children and women, working with burnt victims, creating economic opportunities in poverty areas, working with prisoners and prison systems, improving communities and developing countries etc.



Women Humanitarians, Connect and Collaborate to Change Lives and Communities



PWI Connections believes in living a healthy and balanced life. We encourage being healthy and fit so you can be better for you, your families, and communities that you work to empower.
And equally important, being healthy includes loving what you do! What better way than to discover and use your innate gifts and talents to make a difference in the world. PWI Connections will support you to do that.


PWI Connections Events

PWI Connections events and programs are designed to empower you to build relationships, collaborate, and to share ideas, resources and information to further your projects, causes and organizations. We educate and inspire you to expand who you are not only through our events and programs, but also through the connections you make with other members, and our leadership team so that you are making a positive and bigger impact in the world.

Please Support Ukraine Women and Mothers