Pam Terry

Chief Operating Officer Powerful Women International Connections

Personal Vision:
I envision a world that works for everyone, where all people have comfortable and beautiful shelter, plenty to eat, have access to quality education and technology, are living inspiring lives, and are fully self expressed either through music, writing, dance, art, and/or the communication of their choice. There are beautiful parks and the focus is on connecting and helping one another to live life to the fullest. There is a deep respect for all living beings and we co-exist harmoniously. Difficulties and challenges may still exist but we are equipped to go through them with support. Mental and physical health are a priority and diversity is accepted and welcomed. Advances in mental and physical health are shared and all people benefit.

Current Projects:
1) My current project is NOWW TV and NOWW News. NOWW stands for Network Of What's Working. The premise is that whatever you focus on, your life becomes that so let's focus on what's working in the world and expand on it everywhere. The programs will be on topics such as eliminating poverty, homelessness, and hunger, reducing the rate of recidivism and crime, creating access to quality education and parks, mental and physical health without drugs, and much more.
2) I am President of the Board of Directors for the American Organ Transplant Association (AOTA) which helps transplant patients (and their caregiver) in need with free bus transportation through Greyhound to their transplant center for their evaluation, transplant, and aftercare. I have been involved with AOTA since 1999. We help save lives.

Leadership Roles: 
Business Leader, Civic & Community Leader, Organizational Leader, Thought Leader

Community Work:
I am inspired by making a difference in the world by combining all the things that I love to help as many people as possible in various ways through NOWW TV and NOWW News to create a world that works for everyone.

Honors and Awards:
Houston Hero Award, 2010, Services Cooperative Association
Community Leader Award, 2011, TWEF International Women's Empowerment Forum
Leadership Proclamation, 2009, New Orleans City Council
Congressional Recognition, February, 2008, Sheila Jackson Lee, Member of Congress
Leadership Award, May, 2008, Mayor Bill White, City of Houston
Yellow Rose of Texas Award, September, 2008, Governor of Texas Rick Perry
Leadership Award, October, 2008, Mayor Bill White, City of Houston
Most New Companies, Most VersiPak Sales and All Star Award, 2002, Time Warner Telecom
Volunteer Excellence Award, Chair, Connectors Committee, 2001, Galleria Chamber of Commerce
Outstanding Leadership Recognition, 1988-1989, Galleria Area Chamber of Commerce
Outstanding Leadership Recognition, 1989-1990, Galleria Area Chamber of Commerce

PWI Connections:
I have been a member of PWI Connections since 2007 and find that my involvement and connections inspire me to take greater leadership roles for making a difference in the world. I love the connections that I make. The women I meet through PWI Connections are extraordinary leaders. With PWIC, I feel that I can reach heights that I wouldn't reach otherwise.



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