Legacy Builder Jo Ann Rotermund

Powerful Women Take The Stage: Jo Ann Rotermund

Legacy Builder for Positive World Change

Jo Ann Rotermund

Personal Vision:
My vision for the world is to inspire and empower people to live all day every day in freedom, power, and joy, no matter what may be happening in their lives.

Current Projects:
I have written and published a book, The Forgiveness Habit: an Action Plan for Healing Ourselves and Our Planet, with a foreword by Desmond Tutu. Also I am a fun and inspiring speaker, and I am creating GRO groups in which people come together regularly to study my book and support each other in the practices of Gratitude, Reverence for all, Oneness, and forgiveness. Doing those practices daily leads naturally to a habit of forgiveness, the greatest gift you can give yourself!

Leadership Role: 
Non-profit/ Spiritual Growth Leader, Thought Leader, Inspirational Leader

Community Work:
I'm using my innate gifts to reach out to women, particularly women over 40, business women, entrepreneurs, homemakers, and retirees, to teach them about the amazing freedom and power of forgiveness to support them in living a joy filled life all day every single day.

PWI Connections:
I  want to work and play with powerful women internationally. I want to learn from and be mentored by other powerful women. I want to offer my knowledge and experience locally, nationally, and globally.
I am excited and wide open to seeing what I can learn and where I can go with all the possibilities PWI offers.

Published Works:
"The Forgiveness Habit: an Action Plan for Healing Ourselves and Our Planet" with a forward by Desmond Tutu (Available on Amazon)


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