Carrie Nikitin

Carrie Nikitin

Chief Business Strategist Powerful Women International Connections

Personal Vision:
To make every life matter, to develop venues so all people can be self-sustaining.

Current Projects:
My project is to support, mentor, guide and collaborate with others to bring their projects into the world.

Leadership Roles: 
My leadership roles today are CEO of AvaTekh, Inc. and Business strategist for PWIC.

Community Work:
I've spent most of my career working with very talented Entrepreneurs to bring their visions to life by building businesses around their innovations.  Something I am very passionate about is creating a platform of independence for people coming out of prison by collaborating with innovators and creating companies that can be co-owned by the people coming out of prison and the innovators. These companies would produce and package products that are the result of great ideas! This is a way to bring manufacturing and service jobs back to the USA and also increases tax revenue and decreases the cost of housing people in the prison system, the redistribution of the money spent to keep someone locked up could be used to train and educate people for very specific opportunities to work and own something.   We need to get back to being communal...  I have just begun to work with some incredible women that I have met. The progress has been slow on my part as I have several other things demanding my time, but this is a priority. I understand the magnitude of what I am suggesting and it's ramifications at a higher level of government and private industry, but I believe it needs to be challenged and changed.

PWI Connections:
I want to change the world we live in and it's going to take more than one Powerful Woman to do that!

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