Legacy Builder Valeri Bocage

Powerful Women Take The Stage: Valeri Bocage

Legacy Builder for Positive World Change

Valeri Bocage

Personal Vision:  My vision is that all people are happy, prosperous, and living extraordinary lives.  I envision people using their innate gifts and talents to make a difference in the world, all races getting along, communities and countries assisting each other and collaborating, and children guided to use their natural talents and innate gifts. 

Current Projects:
1) Transform the school in Nairobi, Kenya to be used as a model for ALL schools to work with children to use and acknowledge their innate gifts and talents. 
2) Working with women leaders to impact the lives of others.

Leadership Roles:
Business Leader, Social Awareness Leader, Community Leader, Passionate Leader

Community Work:
I am working to transform the school in Kenya and also working with women leaders to make an impact in communities globally.

Honors and Awards:
Senator's Award for Community Leadership
Mayor's Award for Community Leadership
Congressional Award for Global Leadership
YWCA Award for Community Leadership
Spirit of Greatness Award
Journalism Award for Writing

PWI Connections:
I started PWI Connections in 2006 to help women to achieve their dreams and then restarted it in 2013 to help women impact communities for making positive changes throughout the world.


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