Our Projects

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Each of our members have projects or causes that they are working with to change lives of at risk communities. It is our goal to assist them to make a bigger impact in society   Our company also has two main projects listed below

4. Oshikhandass, Danyore, Sultan Abad and Mohammad Abad, Norte Pakistan- Cristal distrubuye ositos a los ninos
6. Cristal at Hashoo Foundation's Youth Development Center Gilgit copy
PWI Connections provides leadership training programs, educational events, and conferences that focus on innate gifts and being a catalyst for making a difference in communities throughout the world. We also invite supportive men to become a part of our community and become aligned with what PWIC is up to and be a part of our vision and cause.  

Powerful Women International Connections Company Projects 

National Project –Restructuring the Prison System and Persons Incarcerated
Chairwoman- Carrie Nikitin
Co-Chair -Najjiyya Arnold

Global Project –Rebuilding School/Orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya
Chairwoman- Valeri Bocage

PWIC adopted a women's clinic for single pregnant women and school for children, Wholistic Care & Counseling Center that was founded in 1994 by Grace Gitaka. The school is focused on elementary through high school kids who have been living on the streets and whose parents have either died, have AIDS or they do not know where their parents are.

Through Grace’s leadership, the first PWIC event was held on June 28, 2008 and focused on empowering local women in the community with inspirational speakers and a workshop on how to heal from the recent war that broke out in Nairobi. Click here to view the details of the event: Nairobi, Kenya Event.

Valeri Bocage, CEO/President of PWIC, went to Nairobi, Kenya for this momentous PWIC event, our first outside of the U.S. While there, Valeri taught a class for the students to empower them to discover their dreams and not be stopped by their circumstances. They were excited and amazed to know that their circumstances did not dictate who they can be in life.

The school children are between the ages of 3 and 18 and are in need of clothes, shoes, toys, books and any other items that you would expect a child would need. If you would like to provide any of these items or to provide a donation for them, please email us at info@pwiconnections.com.

PWIC Women Making a Positive Difference in the World

Valeri Bocage 
Project - PWIC’s Global Project
Rebuilding School/Orphanage and Enhancing the Lives of the
Children in Nairobi, Kenya

Valeri is the Chairwoman for Powerful Women International Connections’ Global Project in Nairobi, Kenya. She is also the founder of Powerful Women International Connections. She has been assisting people in living their dreams for over 25 years. She has inspired hundreds of people to fulfill on their life's mission. She has consulted with authors, entrepreneurs, parents, families, and artists to expand their vision for what was possible in their professional and personal lives.

Carrie Nikitin
Project - Reducing Recidivism
Enhance the Prison System and the Lives of the Incarcerated

Carrie Nikitin is Chairwoman of Powerful International Connection's National Project to Enhance the Prison System and the Lives of the Incarcerated. Carrie is a business strategist for small and large businesses that are geared to making a difference.  Carrie is currently CEO of AvaTekh, Inc., a Lawrence, Kansas high tech start-up developing and monetizing Intellectual property in noise suppression, mitigation, and analysis with applications in military, medical devices, consumer electronics, telecommunications, power management, data over power lines, navigational, sensors and biometrics.  Carrie is also Chief Business Strategist for PWIC. 

Personal Vision:
To make every life matter, to develop venues so all people can be self- sustaining.


Some of Our Member's Projects

Cristal Montanez Baylor 
Project - Plan Bee (Honey Bee Farming)
Leading economic development and education projects to empower vulnerable communities and help promote a more peaceful and inclusive society in areas of high levels of poverty and illiteracy in Pakistan. 

Cristal Montañéz Baylor is a wife, mother, grandmother, former Miss Venezuela, international humanitarian, global citizen and human freedom pro-democracy activist. Currently, she is the Executive Director of Hashoo Foundation USA, a 501 (c) (3) a non-profit organization based in Houston, Texas, with headquarters in Islamabad, Pakistan. Her work supports a diverse portfolio of the Foundation’s projects in Pakistan and Houston. Her main focus is on the Women's Empowerment through Honey Bee Farming ‘Plan Bee’ project winner of the prestigious BBC/Newsweek Magazine World Challenge Global Award, Clinton Global Initiative Featured Commitment. Highlighted by TEDx Houston and recipient of the Jefferson Awards Youth Service Challenge. ‘Plan Bee' trains rural women in honey bee farming and creates employment opportunities through the sale of high-quality honey. Hashoo Foundation’s ability to connect the producers to the market is what makes this project one of the most sustainable economic empowerment projects in the remote and isolated mountains.


Dr. Olivia Herriford
Project - Women Sharing Wisdom Institute
Educating Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries and Across the U.S.

Dr. Olivia's programs work with technology organizations wanting to make a difference through diversity and inclusion. The mission of her nonprofit, Women Sharing Wisdom Institute, is to provide leadership development and entrepreneurship training for marginalized women and youth in developing countries and low-income communities in the US.


Justina Page
Project- The Amos House of Faith
Working with Burn Survivors and Their Families

Justina is an award winning author of The Circle of Fire, The Circle of Fire Companion Study Guide, ABC's of Your Wife's Needs, and ABC's of Your Husband's Needs with more books in the works.  These literary works will provide empowerment for women and families to follow their vision and never give up. She is Founder and Executive Director of The Amos House of Faith, a non-profit that provides post burn support for families affected by burn trauma.  Through her nonprofit, she is Director of the After Burns Club, a program that specifically supports children from K to 8th grade.  Justina's involvement in the burn community includes advocacy, speaking, and training.  She is a cast member in the Oscar short list documentary, "Trial By Fire: Live's Re-forged," which aired on PBS. She has currently been cast in the upcoming faith based film STRONGER that will debut in February 2017.

Personal Vision:
To ensure children and families who are impacted by burn tragedy lead confident and successful lives. To impart hope and courage to those who are dealing with life's challenges through books, music, and advocacy.


Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt
Project - Catalyst for Transformative Change
Building and enhancing the lives of underprivileged and disenfranchised low income and middle income families in the Bay Area community.

Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt has been a professor, dean and administrator for decades at various educational institutions in San Francisco.  She has been fortunate to assist students in achieving their academic and personal goals. As a community activist since the age of sixteen, she has worked with people like Thomatra Scott, Altheda Carrie, Toshi Koba and other renowned individuals in various communities. As a former Commissioner on the Commission on the Status of Women and the San Francisco Housing Authority and as a member of numerous boards, she has had the opportunity of supporting the needs of many women and families. She is also Chair of the Citizens' Advisory Committee for the Shipyard and Candlestick Point with a group of dedicated, committed individuals representing the community.   Dr. Hunnicutt is a member of the Willie B. Kennedy Democratic Club. 

Personal Vision:
My personal vision for the world is to have families whole and complete by transforming them and eliminating impediments in their lives.


Winnie Kiwalabye
Project - Winnie MamaAfrica
Transforming the lives and communities in Uganda

The work of Mama Africa the voice Uganda is rooted in partnership and does not require us all to be alike. Indeed, real disparities often exist between Mama Africa the voice Uganda and those with whom we serve.  Our partners frequently have crucial experience skills or resources that we lack, while we bring needed elements that they are missing.  We do not try to be identical.  Instead, recognizing our need for one another and our God given equality, we allow our differences to enrich the relationships of mutual respect, dialogue, and common purpose that we build together. In so doing, we often surprise one another. 

Personal Vision:
Empower a Woman to raise a Child through creating sustainable access in slums and rural areas in Uganda.