Legacy Builder Najjiyya Arnold

Powerful Women Take The Stage: Najjiyya Arnold

Legacy Builder for Positive World Change

Najjiyya Arnold

Personal Vision:
To help youths and adults recognize and utilize their innate gifts and talents and to uplift and motivate people to be their greatest selves.

Current Projects:My current project is to complete my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and to provide Personal/Career Development training to build and enhance future leaders.  In addition, to bring about community awareness of therapeutic and holistic mental health services to grass-roots organizations, schools, and city and county government agencies.

Leadership Roles: 
Psychological Assistant, Marriage & Family Therapist, Executive Director of Profiles Unlimited, Educational Foundation, Educator, Consultant, Mother, and Grandmother

Community Work:
Currently, I am working with schools, community organizations, community coalitions, churches, and mental health agencies to educate and inform communities about mental health, addressing and removing some of the stigmas centered on mental illness.  Also, I provide personal/career development training to our youth to enhance and build their self-esteem.  I work with community coalitions, churches, grass-roots communities and agencies in San Francisco, CA; Oakland, CA; Vallejo, CA; and Sacramento, CA.

Honors and Awards:
Powerful Women International (PWI), Honorary Achievement Award, 2012
Terkensha Associates, Outstanding Participation Award, 2007
Fielding Institute, Diversity Scholarship:  Two years 2000 & 2001
Garland Booth Scholarship:  2001
Center for African Peace and Conflict Resolution, University of California, Sacramento:  Co-facilitated International Travel of, 20 High School and Five College students to Africa, on a Peace and Conflict Resolution Mission, 2000.
Calvary Christian Center’s Women Conference Award 2002 & Youth Program Award 1999, 2000 & 2001
Bowling Green Elementary School’s Parent Committee, 1997
Juvenile Justice Dept. Judge Lytle’s, SacraMentor Program
James Rutter Middle School, Opportunity Children, Training Program, 1994,1995, 1996. 
California National Guard, Office of Adjutant General, State of California.  Patriotic Cooperation Support of California National Guard. Meritorious Service Award

PWI Connections:
I joined PWI Connections because of their commitment to empowering women to go for their dreams and to assist women in making those dreams become a reality; by sheer demonstration of integrity, strength, encourage, and determination.


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