Founder’s Story

Valeri Bocagi

As a young child, Valeri Bocage had a dream of changing the world in ways that would improve the lives of others.  At the tender age of 8, she was shocked and surprised to learn that many children did not have some of their basic needs met, like coats and school supplies. She would often give away her things to children in need. While most kids were out playing, Valeri spent long periods of time wondering how she could help other children, because she felt strongly that no child should have to do without the things they needed. This early passion for helping others has been a driving force behind her career and life choices. She embarked upon a life-long journey of learning and study in personal development, business, and leadership.

Today, she has redefined that childhood passion and is the Founder and CEO of Powerful Women International Connections, where her efforts are making an impact on the success of many unusual and influential women around the globe. Described as “an invaluable advisor” by some and “a guiding light for leaders” by others,” her ability to empower and guide leaders to greatness flows naturally from a casual conversation with Valeri to her Keynote Speeches.

Valeri was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her mother was a stay at home mom who later realized her dreams as an entrepreneur owning a restaurant, gift shop, and beauty business. Her dad, Eddie Bo Bocage, was a New Orleans musician and singer/songwriter who was known around the world. Valeri followed the entrepreneurial and creative path of her parents and owned several businesses in New Orleans, while still making a difference in the lives of others. She has over two decades of training, study, and mentorship in personal development with many of the industry leaders.

In September 2005, this spirited entrepreneur, visionary leader, and heart-centered humanitarian lost everything she owned during Hurricane Katrina. She did not, however, suffer her indomitable spirit to help others. She moved across the country to San Francisco, Ca. and in 2006 formed Powerful Women International to support women worldwide in fulfilling their dreams. Inspired by this vision, Pam Terry joined PWI in 2007, and the two women along with a team of compassionate experts began to expand the mission and vision of PWI into several cities around the world. Over time, an even more significant idea emerged, andPowerful Women International Connections was born with the mission to collaborate with humanitarian women leaders. This organization connects, inspires, and encourages women leaders to make a positive impact in their communities and the world. Valeri believes that the key to making an impact in the world is to motivate and inspire people to focus on their innate gifts and talents and use those gifts and talents to create impactful change.

“Everyone has an innate path and purpose; however, due to our circumstances along the way, we don’t always fulfill our God-given path and purpose. Most of us only yearn to do so. We all have the capacity to impact and inspire, and, deep down, we all have a desire to do something bigger than ourselves. Many never get to do the things they want to do, which I believe is to build and leave a powerful legacy for our families, communities, and the world. If we focus on our innate gifts and talents that come naturally to us and look at how we can make a difference with those gifts, we would be both fulfilled and make a positive impact on society.” ~ Valeri Bocage

Today, Valeri Bocage is fiercely committed to sharing how tragic life experiences and other riveting stories of loss and tragedy can lead to perseverance. She also shares how our “not so tragic, but everyday challenges” can propel our belief in unlimited possibilities. Her commitment to working with leaders from all walks, including business and corporate leaders, healthcare executives, entrepreneurs, political leaders, and humanitarians, is what now fuels her passion and fires up her purpose. She can see extraordinary solutions to problems in business and life. It’s just a matter of making the right steps, taking the right risks, and being prepared to get right back up and keep moving when life hits hard, as it sometimes will. She’s learned that lesson well and teaches it eloquently.

This trailblazer, humanitarian, and compassionate woman have spoken at Google and many other corporations. Valeri has also a spoken at Dr. Oz’ first event on women’s health. She’s been written about in magazines and has appeared in the media, both radio and TV.