Legacy Builder Lorelei Kraft

Powerful Women Take The Stage: Lorelei Kraft

Legacy Builder for Positive World Change
Lorelei Kraft

Personal Vision:
My personal vision is to have the female half of the human population become an equal partner in all layers of society.

Current Projects:

My current project is acquiring sponsorships so I can speak in rural areas, inner cities, and small business centers. I know I will make a difference just in challenging people to go for their dreams.

Leadership Roles: 
1. Business leader. I've written books and produced documentaries about the capabilities of women.
2. Thought leader. From giving keynote speeches to speaking at smaller groups, my story has a tremendous impact on people's perceptions of themselves.
3. Feminist leader. I've written editorials on the fight for women's equality for 40 years. The last one was posted on the Ms. Magazine blog in October right before the election.

Community Work:
  As a transplant to NC from MN, I'm just getting into what I can do here. In MN I was involved in Battered Women, on the state board of directors of Planned Parenthood, and active politically (I even ran for Congress.)

Honors and Awards:

* Minnesota Woman Business Owner of the Year (1985)

* Governor's Entrepreneurship Award (1990)
Governor of MN

* National Association of Women Business Owners Vision Award (2009)

* Minnesota Women Business Owners Hall of Fame (2013)
The Hall of Fame is a collaboration of women's business groups in MN and the U.S. SBA.


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