Legacy Builder Veronica Hunnicutt

Powerful Women Take The Stage: Veronica Hunnicutt

Legacy Builder for Positive World Change

Veronica Hunnicutt

Personal Vision:
My personal vision for the world is to have families whole and complete by transforming them and eliminating impediments in their lives.

Current Projects:
My currents projects are to work with the men's group to help them develop a Black/Multicultural men's retreat which will lead to a series of solutions-oriented workshops to ameliorate the plight of men in America.
Together the women's group of HG, Inc. will be looking at two workshops for the community: Self Actualization and Women's Relationships and Financial Literacy for Women.  Finally, HG, Inc. will be scheduling its 1st Annual Unsung Community Heroes and Heroines Recognition Celebration and Holiday Party this year.  I am trying to make sure that our members and the communities at large have the opportunities and resources they need to live full, committed, compassionate, and productive lives. Education is the key to success, so we provide forums, workshops, and conferences to enlighten individuals. This is how I hope to make a difference in the world.  I am trusting in God to show me how I can make a difference in the community.   I am working to transform the lives of youth, women, men, families, and communities in whatever way possible.  The need to make changes in policy, the need to change the systems of racism, ageism, and sexism and all the other isms which have held all of us back are critical to me.   The way we talk to and work with one another is of utmost importance to me. Operating out of respect and love, we can achieve anything.  We need funding to promote and complete our projects. We need volunteers to help in the community.

Leadership Roles: 
l. For Profit Leader - as CEO of HG, Inc.
2. Non-Profit/Social Awareness Leader - as the CEO and Founder of the Hunnicutt Foundation
3. Thought Leader - as a member of political organizations, including the Willie B. Kennedy Democratic Club
4. Community Leader - as the Chair of the Citizens' Advisory Committee for the Shipyard and Candlestick Park, as a member of the IC and Legacy Foundation (two community benefits programs from the developer Lennar Urban), and as a participant in other organizations, including as the Chair of the CRC for Minnie and Lovie Park in my neighborhood

PWI Connections:
I am so delighted to be a part of PWIC.   Valeri is my joy and inspiration. She is a role model for all of us. Furthermore, being in the company and communicating with the other women of PWIC is very important to me. They are my sisters as we work to move things forward for women, families, and communities.  I am blessed to be considered for this honor.


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