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Powerful Women Take The Stage: Angélle Murry

Legacy Builder for Positive World Change

Angélle M. Murry

Personal Vision:
My personal vision for the world is to give people hope to dream again.  My vision is to educate women from all cultural backgrounds and walks of life. My sole purpose is to speak into the lives of women on how to change their thought process from a negative mindset to a positive one. My purpose is to travel the world and build the self esteem of women who have felt broken, hurt, abused, misused, and rejected. I would like to see every woman I meet to become successful in an area they are passionate about.  I am determined to not only make a change, but to be the change. Vision helps you see things better; my personal vision is to develop creative strategies for individuals to achieve their personal goals of becoming successful whether it is financially, spiritually, emotionally, or physically.

Current Projects:
The current project I am working on is completing my doctorate degree so I can help English language learners become a greater success in reading. I am making a difference in the world by creating my own analytical tool to develop a curriculum that will help students become successful in their learning process. I am making a difference by understanding that every individual learns differently and changing lives one student at a time. 

Leadership Role: 
When one thinks of leadership, there are several things that may come to mind, such as, a strong leader, one who takes charge, or someone who has followers. Leadership can portray many forms. I am fascinated with words.  When I look at the word leadership, here is what I observe. I see the word “lead” which means to take initiative, and the latter part of the word ends in “ship” which means support.  A ship is a vessel that holds people up, basically it is the support for others. My main focus through leadership is to teach individuals how to become leaders.  My responsibility is to provide the tools they need to become successful in life. 
          My approach to leadership is “to treat others as you want to be treated.” Although I can appreciate that quote, I had to learn to expand my knowledge on a more extensive level of leadership. I consider myself a transformational leader. As a transformational leader, I believe a leader should be knowledgeable, understanding, respectful, and know how to build and lead a team to great success. My goal is to ensure that I am a great listener and have an open mind to other individuals’ creative ideas, suggestions, and thoughts. I also want to create an environment of great change to not only motivate others but to inspire them as well. 
         A great leader always provides ways for his or her followers to succeed, whether he or she creates a vision, presents creative ideas, or uses great communicative skills. Another goal is to help individuals become successful through his or her way of leading. My leadership style inspires his or her team and shares a great vision. The word “transform” means to change. As a transformational leader, my goal is to help change and motivate my followers to become great leaders. My final goal as a transformational leader is to leave an entire legacy of enthusiasm for my team.

Community Work:
I get involved with the community by speaking into the lives of individuals by helping them live a divine life by increasing their faith to overcome their fear. I give individuals opportunities to pour out their hearts as to what they can do to be unique and make a difference in the world. I am never selfish with sharing the God given gifts and talents that I have been blessed.  I am currently working in this community reaching out to men, women, boys, and girls. I encourage men to be the Kings that they are. I support women to embrace the Queens that they were designed to be. I prepare boys to focus on the greatness that is within them, and I teach girls to believe in themselves to fulfill their dreams. Basically, I remind them all that they are ROYALTY and deserve nothing less than the best.

Honors and Awards:
Award of Appreciation for Volunteering, 2015, Alan Rowe College Prep: A Fortune School, 
Award of Five Years Foster Parenting, 2014, County of Sacramento, Department of Health & Human Svcs
Certificate of Excellence Award, 2012, Pow{h}er Crusade
Certificate of Appreciation for Valuable Contributions, 2011, Clayton B. Wore Elementary School
Distinction of Honors for Masters in Teaching, National University, 2011
Multicultural Educational Award, 2010, The Stanley Girls Learning Health Center for Children
Certificate of Appreciation for Timekeeper, 2009, Sacramento Valley Section, Natl Council of Negro Women
Award of Appreciation for Moderator, 2008, Sacramento Valley Section, National Council of Negro Women
Preschool English Learners: Principals and Practices to Promote Language, Literacy, and Learning, 2007, California Preschool Instructional Network
Teacher/Director Nominee Certificate, The Sacramento Child Care Coalition
Magna Cum Laude, Sacramento State University, 2008
Highest Honors, Cosumnes River College, 2008
P.R.I.D.E. Foster/ Adoption Training Award, 2007, County of Sacramento, Department of Health & Human Services
The Program for Infant/Toddler Curriculum Certificate, 2007, West and the California State Department of Education, Child Development Division
Mentor Institute Certificate, 2007, California Early Childhood Mentor Program
Certificate of Excellence Award, 2006 Cosumnes River College
Early Childhood Education/Master Teacher Certificate, 2006 Cosumnes River College
Early Childhood Education Program Management, 2006, Cosumnes River College
The Exceptional Woman of Color Award, 2005, Sac Cultural Hub
Life Member Certificate, 2003 Sacramento Valley Section, National Council of Negro Women, Inc.
The Gospel of Ministry Award, 2003, Calvary Christian Center

PWI Connections:
I am joining Powerful Women International Connections so I can be a part of an organization that involves greatness. I would love to network with women and meet a variety of individuals with a focus and purpose to go to the top. It is crucial to be in connection with individuals with goals and dreams, but, most importantly, it is imperative to be around individuals who have a positive vision that can help other women become a greater success. I want to touch the lives of women around the globe and leave an impact on their hearts. 

Published Works:
"My Precious Child" (Available on Amazon)


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