Legacy Builder Doris Mangrum

Powerful Women Take The Stage: Doris Mangrum

Legacy Builder for Positive World Change

Doris Mangrum

Personal Vision:
My personal vision is for all mankind to be recognized as human beings and for each of us to understand that that recognition is separate and distinct from liking someone or approving of their behavior. The way we see one another - drives the way we respect each other.

Current Projects:
I am currently on a mission to help strengthen families and neighborhoods to rebuild America. Calling attention to the plight of individuals and families impacted by separation and reunification as a result of incarceration and military deployment, I am seeking to rally support of this often missed piece of the puzzle. Regardless of the reason - separation and reunification is a frenetic dance that can cause many families to fail. Unattended to over long periods of time, this oversight has caused collateral damage for many affected families and communities. Using my books, films, special events, and lectures, I am making an important call to action for society to change its mindset, work ethic and general lack of interest as it pertains to this mushrooming crisis.

Leadership Role: 
Business Leader -Owner, Saidiana Productions, Thought Leader - Author - 6 books, 2 workbooks and companion facilitator guides, Non-profit - Founder/CEO, Saidiana Works, Inc.

Community Work:
I write books and create training that assists people directly impacted by incarceration and military deployment navigate through the maze of separation and reunification. This information is also used to help the larger society understand the work that must be done. I produce films that call attention to the plight of people who have been impacted by incarceration and military deployment. I have produced and hosted community awareness radio and television shows that call attention to the mass incarceration crisis and the challenges of separation. I have worked inside a correctional facility with thousands of parents and tens of thousands of children and their immediate and extended family members to help ease the tension of separation and the family reunification process. I have also worked in the community and in the homes of families to help them build upon their strengths and remain intact.

Honors and Awards:
Presented American flag from Eric Swalwell, United States Representative from California’s 15th Congressional District in honor of my work on behalf of veterans and their families - 2014
Cited as Hero and Leader in my field (pgs.82 - 85) in - "Beyond Stereotypes in Black and White" by Dr. Henrie Treadwell, Research Professor, Morehouse School of Medicine - 2013
Nominated as an Unsung Hero - NAACP - 2013
Company name (Saidiana) adopted by Veterans Choir to commemorate my work as an Acclaimed Humanitarian with the incarcerated, the formerly incarcerated and veterans and their families - 2013
Honorable Mention for Best Documentary "STAINS" - Feature Length - The People's Film Festival - New York - 2012
Premiered "STAINS: Changing Lives After Incarceration" - a feature length documentary - Tribeca Cinemas - New York - 2011
Work shadowed by wife of former Treasure of Great Britain (Tony Blair cabinet) and current member of the House of Lords and the Privy Council of Queen Elizabeth (Great Britain) for review of work around families affected by incarceration for possible implementation in the UK - 2010

PWI Connections:
It is my hope that Powerful Women International Connections will assist in helping expand my platform to rally support for families and communities dealing with the pangs of separation and reunification and find common purpose to respond to the needs of this population.


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