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Provide Medicare to the rural areas in Africa
Project Details

We are inspired towards providing medical succor to rural Africa because a good number of them did not have access to medicare ie clinic s and hospitals. They trek about 10 miles in order to have access to clinic or health center.

Adequate health care is not easily accessible and has high costs in the poor

Website(s) including social media sites.
Anticipated Launch of Project
We plan to launch the project in September 2017
Project Duration
Geographic Region
Umuopara Community in Umuahia South Council, Abia State Nigeria
What are your measurable goals for your project the next 12 months?

S: To treat people in rural Africa who may die as a result of not having access to medicare.

M: We are targeting to restore a good number of lives through this project.

A: It is resizable if adequate medicine and personnel are provided.

R: To save a good number of lives in rural Africa.

T: lt will be an ongoing process

What have you accomplished to date for your project?
We have done our first medical mission in January 2016 in Umuahia North and South Councils. During that medical mission we discovered that people in rural Africa need more medical help than we supplied.
List the people who are on your team and their roles.
Uche Nwosu - Project Coordinator
Mabel Omotosho - Nurse
Mary Uwali - Secretary
Edith Chima-Orji - CEO/ President
What do you need for your project? Team Members? Training? Funding? Opportunities? Please describe in detail.
During our first mission, we were not able to reach all the sick but a fragment. Therefore we need enough funds to buy adequate medicine, supplies and light medical equipment to enable us reach a sizeable number of them, far more than what we did in our first mission.
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