Legacy Builder Evonne De Loney

Powerful Women Take The Stage: Evonne De Loney

Legacy Builder for Positive World Change
Evonne De Loney 
Personal Vision:
My vision for the world is to motivate women and empower them to become entrepreneurs leaving a business legacy (birthright) to pass from generation to generation.
Current Projects:
Currently, I work for Profiles Unlimited, Educational Foundation as an executive administrator.  We are making a difference in the world by providing mental health counseling, psycho-educational training, and mentoring services using holistic and culturally sensitive methods to youth and adults, promoting healing and restoration.  I also work for Sports Clips, as a professional stylist.
Leadership Role: 
Mother, Executive Administrator, Cosmetological Entrepreneur, OMI group for women Facilitator, Community Leader for California Mutual Housing, Theatricals Arts Leader, California Mutual Housing Board of Directors, Vice Chair, Educator, Community Resource Information Promoter
Community Work:
I am using my gifts and talents providing haircuts, braids, and hair colors to families that cannot afford services.  It is a blessing to my heart to assist in building confidence and character in another person. 
Honors and Awards:
Highest Honors, 2002, Sacramento City College
Small Business Management Certificate, 2004, Sacramento City College
Spirit of Excellence Manager, 2006, Supercuts
PWI Connections:
I joined Powerful Women International Connections because women from around the world are connecting together, sharing their experiences, talents, and their dreams to empower other women to realize their God-given aspirations!  I’m excited to learn something from each and every woman that is apart of this organization.  I am privileged to share my gifts, talents and expertise, as well.
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