Legacy Builder Tendai Jordan

Powerful Women Take The Stage: Tendai Jordan

Legacy Builder for Positive World Change
Tendai Jordan

Personal Vision:
  My vision is that women discover their innate power and purpose, tap into their inner strength and courage in order to share their gift for the world. I vision a world where everyone is living in harmony, happy, fulfilled and contributing.

Current Projects:

The ‘5 PowerFull Women’ project provides a platform for women to share their stories of victory through various challenges. This project fosters deeper connection with women globally, encourages, challenges and supports women in sharing their stories, in order to uplift their sisters around the world.

Leadership Roles: 
A teacher, Facilitator, Living Beyond Limits Coach and Spiritual Practitioner.

Community Work:
For more than 15 years I have assisted women in discovering their true self and innate power. Through teaching, facilitating workshops and master mind groups I have encouraged women to recognize their purpose, build their courage and inner strength which moves them beyond imposed limits. I support women in pursuing their passion and giving the gift they are born to give.

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