Who We Are

Powerful Women International Connections (PWIC) is comprised of compassionate, professional female humanitarian leaders who connect, educate, support and collaborate to make a bigger impact in the world.

Powerful Women International Connections is a group of professional compassionate women who are scientists, engineers, professors, government leaders, and business owners who are dedicated to changing lives and communities.


Our members are stopping human trafficking and domestic violence, empowering women and children in developing countries, making a difference with the homeless, bringing programs to prisons and prison systems, building sustainable lives and communities, and more.


The ability of women to nurture and cultivate relationships makes them powerful catalysts to bring positive changes to the world.


With instant access to information today, the world’s age-old problems of poverty, crime, and suffering are more apparent than ever. We unite women humanitarian leaders across the world to collaborate, and share information and resources, building creative solutions to weave a tapestry of positive changes for a BIGGER Impact to better our world!


Our mission is to connect, educate, and collaborate with women humanitarian leaders to make a bigger impact in society.


We envision compassionate women humanitarian leaders using their innate gifts and talents to expand their leadership roles and be catalysts for positive changes in society resulting in a better world, especially for children.


We believe in living authentic and inspiring lives with life balance, compassion, and courage.

PWI Connections works to strengthen and expand your causes, projects, and organizations to make a bigger impact and positive difference in society. Our women leaders are making positive differences in areas of life such as building confidence and leadership in children and women, working with burnt victims, creating economic opportunities in poverty areas, working with prisoners and prison systems, improving communities and developing countries etc.