World Leader Dr. Crystallee Crain

Dr. Crystallee Crain


Oakland, CA, USA

Leadership Role: Public Health & Criminal Justice Scholar, Professor, Business Owner

How Making A Difference: In the nonprofit field I work at the intersection of criminal justice reform and public health. As the Coordinator of SFCIPP ( I work to develop local and regional policies while also providing the training and technical assistance to support system-wide implementation.

With PeacefulProgits, I work to bring socially conscious ideals in the forefront of our consumer life. Through products, publishing, and media creation PeacefulProfits has a slogan, 'where commnity and people matter.'

I have the honor of facilitating courses and research as a professor of political science and sociology. For over a decade I've worked at community colleges and universities nationwide.

Statement you would like to say to encourage others: The challenges we face do not have the power to define who we are. Our responses and collectively history of how we fall help us shape our own narrative on what it means to rise.