Carrie Nikitin<br>Lawrence, Kansas

Carrie Nikitin
Lawrence, Kansas

PWIC has been a catalyst in my life. PWIC in its Collaboration with me is bringing to life a long-standing vision of creating a method of disrupting the current prison system. Thank you PWIC members for the faith, friendship, support, and guidance in creating something that will impact lives and communities in a very positive way.

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Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt<br>San Francisco, CA

Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt
San Francisco, CA

It is a great privilege to be affiliated with a group of women making a difference in society. Whether it is prison rehabilitation, systemic racism eradication, educational upgrading, or eliminating sexual trauma. These fabulous women work through their own personal and professional development by consulting with brilliant CEO and founder, Valeri Bocage and her team and by partnering with PWIC members.  PWIC involvement has made an enormous difference in my life in my business.

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Louann Tung<br>Livermore, CA

Louann Tung
Livermore, CA

PWIC helps members make our visions a reality not only locally but nationally and globally to create social and economic change!! I felt in joining PWIC that I have met my soul sisters and also building life-long empowering relationships. We are helping each other to fulfill our bigger vision to provide a compelling service of transformation to as many people as possible. Such a beautiful thing!

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Mimi Williams<br>Benicia, CA

Mimi Williams
Benicia, CA

I feel extremely fortunate to be involved with an international group of very powerful women who are all passionate about making a positive impact in our world. Along with our commitment to changing the world, we are all sincerely dedicated to helping each other with our individual and divergent change work.
PWIC, You Rock!!!!!!!

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Greta Gladney<br>New Orleans, LA

Greta Gladney
New Orleans, LA

PWIC provides a platform to connect and convene while elevating women with their ongoing work to improve the world. This organization is both timely and vital to addressing the massive concerns facing humanity and our collective future.  PWIC gives voice to the experiences, challenges, and aspirations of these women leaders in a supportive and collaborative environment. Join us!

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Nailah Ali<br>Waldorf, MD

Nailah Ali
Waldorf, MD

PWIC is excellent at connecting individuals who may have shared perspectives on ideas to change lives.  The company is consistent in bringing the members together for education and support.  PWIC has a broad spectrum on uniting women across the nation to advance culturally.

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Doris Mangrum<br>Antioch, CA

Doris Mangrum
Antioch, CA

A great company that is purpose-driven, with a heart for improving the lives of others, an eye on doing good for the planet, and an understanding that it can always be better itself.  Powerful Women International Connections has dedicated leadership and a membership of real people building real programs designed to bring about real change. It is a privilege to be associated with an organization that so profoundly cares.

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Marian Lopez<br>Los Angeles, CA

Marian Lopez
Los Angeles, CA

Upon moving to Southern California, I looked for other women’s groups to support me like PWIC and found none.  Reconnecting with PWIC has been the best thing that could have happened to me at this juncture in my life. PWIC is a company that listens to its members for their greatness.  That way we can change more lives.

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