Women Humanitarian Leaders Summit 2019

We invite women humanitarian leaders to attend our events and contribute their insight as we work to change lives for a better future.

Who should attend:

Humanitarians who are professors, educators, scientists, engineers, and lobbyists, or who work for the government, corporations, and nonprofits. Who are humanitarians? They are people who are working to change lives, such as, stop human trafficking and domestic violence, they assist inmates to transform their lives, they are transforming underprivileged communities, they are working to eliminate homelessness and poverty, and more.

“Our events are interactive with everyone participating. When we connect, collaborate and support each other, we make a Bigger Impact in society”!
~ Valeri Bocage, CEO/President

“I love interacting with the women humanitarian leaders and their various projects that are impacting lives It is so inspiring what we do to change lives worldwide.”
~ Pam Terry, COO

“I am working to build sustainable viable communities so all people can reach new heights.”
~ Carrie Nikitin, CBS.

Ticket Prices

Trailblazer Sponsor Members, Panelist & Facilitators $100

Members $110

Guest (Non Members) $125

For more information call Jo Ann Rotermund, 281-379-6106


To be a sponsor please email us at info@pwiconnections.com
or call 415-742-5239

* * * Sponsors * * *

Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt
Doris Mangrum
Nancy Lewellen
Madeleine Tapia
Dr. Amy Morgenstern