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  Valeri Bocage 
CEO Powerful Women International Connections

“As a young child, Valeri Bocage had a dream of changing the world in ways that would improve the lives of others. the tender age of 8, she was shocked and surprised to learn that many children did not have some of their basic needs met, like coats and school supplies. She would often give away her things to children in need.This early passion for helping others has been a driving force behind her career and life choices.Today, she has redefined that childhood passion and is the Founder and CEO of Powerful Women International Connections, where her efforts are making an impact on the success of many unusual and influential women around the globe.” 

  Carrie Nikitin  
PWIC Chief Business Strategist, CEO Avetech

“Carrie Nikitin is Chief Business Strategist for Powerful Women International Connections and CEO of AvaTekh, Inc. She works with startups from small businesses to large businesses. She has spent most of her career working with very talented Entrepreneurs to bring their visions to life by building businesses around their innovations.” 

  Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt  
Founder HG, Inc/Hunnicutt Foundation/Community Activist

“As a teacher and administrator for decades at various educational institutions in San Francisco, Veronica have assisted students in achieving their academic and personal goals. As a community activist since the age of sixteen, she have worked with people like Thomatra Scott, Altheda Carrie, Toshi Koba and other renowned individuals in various communities. As a former Commissioner on the Commission on the Status of Women and the San Francisco Housing Authority, and as a member of numerous boards, she have had the privilege of supporting the needs of women and families.” 

  Doris Mangrun  
TV Talk Show Host/Award Winning Journalist/Nonprofit Leaders

“Doris is the author of “After The Bungy Jump, There’s Still A Lot of Jerking Goin’ On” and a series of other training and guides designed to ease the transition process. Her latest literary work, “A Soiled Identity: From Triumph to Tragedy and Back Again” is receiving rave reviews. She is the owner of Saidiana ( in Swahili, help each other) Productions, a company whose mission is to develop books, art and media productions calling attention to the plight of families affected by separation and incarceration.” 

  Najjiyya Arnold  
Founder Profiles Unlimited/ Community Leader 

“A seasoned professional and entrepreneur, my hometown of Detroit, Michigan is birthplace to my first foray into the arena of small business ownership. The first born of four children to Mildred (Saabira) Arnold, a housewife, and Paul Mack, an architect, my childhood was replete with lessons of fortitude, self-reliance, ingenuity, humility, and industry. Coming from a family grounded firmly in the Baptist ethic and faith, God has uniquely inspired and sculpted me for pursuit and achievement of great things. Driven to succeed and wielding the God-given gift of management and coordination, I became the owner of 12 commercial ventures throughout the Detroit area. ” 

  Mary Ann Maggiore  
Former Mayor Fairfax, CA/ Nonprofit Leader

“Mary Ann Maggiore, former Mayor of Fairfax, CA is the President of LAUNCH which has helped dozens of young people ages 18 to 30 find meaningful and lucrative work. “The steps into independent adulthood are crucial,” she says. “We of LAUNCH guide young people onto a path to a successful future. We include the young people, their families and their communities to assure our 90% placement success rate.” Mary Ann is also Founding Director of the Service Learning Department at Dominican University and has been featured on local television and in media throughout California.”


  Jax Harrison  
Stop Child Trafficking, Business Leader

“Focused on Innovation and Technology for Good Jax is a dedicated humanitarian and works to benefit humankind, specifically anti-human trafficking. She recently launched StopChildTraffic and Innovation for Good – both companies are focused on developing technologies such as AI, Mapping Cybersecurity, Privacy, Identity and Intelligence Gathering to prevent online harm and child and human trafficking. Jax‘s consulting work as a creative storyteller, communications strategist and people connector helps her to broker introductions, develop relationships, strategic alliances, partnerships and utilize her network to create opportunity for those technologies.” 

  Linda Calhoun  
Founder of Career Girls

“Linda Calhoun is an entrepreneur, activist, and community leader based in San Francisco, California.  A graduate of Boston University with a B.S. in Mass Communication, Linda’s career path led her to work in international policy coordination, media, technology, and data management. Her work has met the unique and increasingly important intersections of STEM and Social Justice. Linda is the Founder and Executive Producer of Career Girls, a nonprofit that was created as a response to the inequality of opportunity that Linda encountered in her story. ” 

  Dr. Amy Morgenstern  
Founder Blue Stars Admissions Consulting

“Dr. Morgenstern, affectionately known as Dr. M, holds a Ph.D. in philosophy and an MFA in contemporary art. A former professor of philosophy, honors program associate director, and assistant to the director of the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture, Dr. M brings a wealth of academic and multicultural experience to her practice. Fluent in German, Dr. M served as a Dissertation Fellow at the Bergische Institut in Germany for two years. An award-winning writer, Dr. M is celebrated as a master interpreter of culture. She researches major trends in admissions and academic culture, and continues to share her findings in professional presentations like this recent lecture for the AAPA. ” 

Dr. Elñora T. Webb
CEO of Signature Solutions Corporate Results

“Dr. Elñora T. Webb is the CEO of Signature Solutions Corporate Results. Her executive leadership spans 20 years, including as President of Laney College as well as leadership roles at Stanford University, the University of California at Berkeley and with Silicon Valley firms. Her successful track record as an Executive Coach is reflected in the successful promotions of countless professionals into “C” level and upper management roles.” 

  Dr. Carolyn Ransom-Scott  
San Francisco Commissioner/ Community Leader

“Rev. Dr. Carolyn Ransom-Scott is a proud native of San Francisco, CA. Carolyn has been proudly invested in her city and communities since the early age of ten years old during the civil rights movement.For over thirty years Carolyn did volunteer services for Juveniles and Prison Fellowship USA serving, jails, Federal and State Prisons teaching and training.Carolyn worked under the Mayor’s office in 2007 -2012 as Faith Base Coordinator ushering in eighty Pastor’s and Faith base leaders meeting monthly with a steady number of forty Pastors and Outreach Leaders who provided round trip Van Services for youth and families during the turf war times, transporting youth, young adults and families to and from appointments, interviews, medical and shopping trips.” 

  Linda Richardson  
Commissioner Treasure Island/Community Activist

Katelyn Dixon
Community Leader

“Katelyn longs for young adults to be transformed by the love and beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She serves with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as a campus minister at University of San Francisco. In her free time, you can find her dancing salsa, climbing rocks and making space for international adoptee voices”

  Attorney Carletta Jackson-Lane  
Community Activist/Nonprofit Leader

Carletta Jackson-Lane JD, Executive Director of Sojourner Truth Foster Family Service Agency (Sojourner Truth FFA), is widely recognized as a leader and advocate for disadvantaged children, transition-age youth and families across the State of California. Her work is deeply rooted in serving high-risk, low income and trauma-exposed communities of San Francisco and the greater Bay Area. Under Jackson-Lane’s leadership, Sojourner Truth FFA is acknowledged for its leadership services to survivors of commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC).” 

  Madeleine Tapia  
Founder Alterna Card Services, Inc.,/ Nonprofit Leader

“Ms. Tapia has been an entrepreneur most of her life. She is the founder of Alterna Card Services, Inc., and created and developed the “Alterna” marketing program for the Hispanic unbanked and money transfer markets. She also was one of the founders of Teletienda Network, Inc., now known as MercadoVisions an innovative in-store community TV network for Hispanic retailers to support the Alterna program and promote programs to improve the lives of the U.S. Latino communities through its media network.” 

Suzanne Dion
Self-awareness Teacher and Educator for Developmental Potential and Societal Change

As a deeply committed advocate of the Enneagram system for developmental self-awareness, Suzanne certified as an Enneagram teacher in 2008 with the Palmer/Daniels Enneagram Professional Training School, now called The Narrative Enneagram (TNE); one of her driving goals is to increase the self- awareness and spiritual consciousness of women, particularly mothers, as well as bring self-awareness Enneagram-focused training — as an original founding Board Member and teacher of the Enneagram Prison Project (EPP) — to women, families, all the way to those marginalized, including those suffering incarceration.” 

Sheryl Grant

Sheryl Grant
Founder and CEO of Sheryl Grant Enterprises

“Sheryl Grant helps executives, entrepreneurs, and ambitious women achieve
more! According to Sheryl, “Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to
look like it, feel like it or let it slow you down!” After winning the international Ms.
Olympia fitness championship over the age of 50, Sheryl realized transforming her body
began with transforming her mind.”

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